• Locked Out of Your Home or Business

    We can help with all lockouts

    If you are locked out of your home or office Locksmith Crawley can pick the lock open securely without damaging the lock, common lockout problems a Locksmith Crawley can help with are:

    • Locked out without your key
    • Locked out with Key in the Door
    • Key Stuck in Lock and door won’t open
    • Key broken in lock

    Locks we can Unlock and Open

    We will be able to unlock and gain entry to all types of door locks including the following:

    • Euro cylinder locks including Anti Snap locks
    • Night Latches
    • Mortice locks – 3 lever and 5 lever
    • Locks fitted to Wooden Doors
    • Locks fitted to uPVC Door locks & Composite  doors

    Locked out of your home or business without a key?

    If you are locked out and have no key because you have lost your keys or locked the keys inside you will need Locksmith Crawley help immediately:

    • Locked out late outside 9-5 – A 24-hour emergency locksmith will your first choice to open your door.
    • Non-destructive entry – Access into your home or office after losing or misplacing the original keys doesn’t mean accessing by smashing glass or damaging expensive doors to your home.
    • Trained to open & unlock all locks – Master Locksmiths are trained to access properties painlessly and effortlessly.

    For lockouts or lost the keys to a restricted or suited lock, call us 01293 874989.

    Broken lock and locked out?

    If your door lock is broken or damaged, Locksmith Crawley will be able to open the door and advise on replacing your broken lock, if necessary we can also help on upgrading your locks.

    As door lock replacement is a specialist area, we can help with the following:

    • Replacing the lock if it is damaged or faulty
    • Changing and Fitting a new lock
    • Upgrading locks to BS3621 to meet insurance requirements.

    Key Snapped in Lock & Locked Out 

    If you have snapped your key in the door lock, Locksmith Crawley can remove the snapped key and open the door by doing the following:

    1. Remove the key from the lock (without damaging your lock)
    2. Open the lock and let you in
    3. Cut a new key to fit your lock

    For the cost of replacement keys call us on 01293 874989

    Locked out of a uPVC Door?

    UPVC doors are the worst for coming out of adjustment once that has happened don’t try to force it to lock, just call us 01293 874989 and we can get it sorted for you FAST.

    Do not keep forcing a uPVC handle up to lock it – you should be able to just lift it, if not adjustments are all that is needed usually! 

     Can Locksmith Crawley make a key for a locked door?

    It would be possible if the door is opened non-destructively by us.  Once the door is opened we can find the correct key blank to suit the lock or can make a key by hand.

    After being locked out of house, we cut your keys

    After being locked out you may need to replace your keys, Locksmith Crawley can replace any type of key even if the key is broken. Once the door is opened the locksmith can cut a new key by hand to suit your lock.

    For advice on getting keys cut please see call us 01293 874989.

    How to prevent being locked out of house

    To prevent you from being locked out of the house or flat again, we recommend the following:

    1. Roller rim locks can be fitted they need a key to be turned in the cylinder to lock them from the outside.
    2. Door restrictors can stop the door from shutting behind you
    3. Checking/Oil locks  People seem to forget about checking/oiling their locks and doors checking for worn keys badly cut keys (we all see them) and not sorting out a problem until it is too late prevention is better than cure.
    4. When a door starts to stick a key won’t turn in the cylinder properly check it out don’t let it get worse.

    If you do get locked out , call us 01293 874989 and we can advise you and come out FAST.

    Can you call the police if you are locked out of your house?

    If you are locked out of your house, you should not bother the emergency services such as the Police or Fire Brigade, we always recommend to call us 01293 874989 for this sort of service.